We Invest In Extraordinary People And Technologies,
Together They Are Transforming Healthcare

Truly disruptive innovation is happening now

Our Focus and Opportunity

We are focused on transformational healthcare opportunities. To us, this means smarter, less costly, and more efficient – not just better. Neither businesses, nor consumers, nor government can bear the current costs, and each has an urgent and immediate need for solutions.

Waves of technological innovation are just beginning to drive change in healthcare: connectivity, analytics, and portability; smart sensors and connected implantables; fast and inexpensive analyses of genes and proteins. And others.

These new product and service solutions often draw on disparate skills, technologies, and managers and threaten to disrupt multiple existing industries. The opportunity is large, complex, immediate, and Aberdare is at the confluence.

We have brought together the team, relationships, and capital to make it happen. We will commit less than $1M to start, as much as $15M over time.

Healthcare is changing. Join us to help accelerate the transformation.


Our Values

We care a lot about the quality and integrity of management teams, co-investors, and strategic partners. We like to deal with not only the highest quality entrepreneurs, but with good people – we think they make better partners in the long run, and they attract colleagues and employees of equivalent caliber.

Mutual Respect
We think we work best through our relationships with great entrepreneurs and managers. We try to know where we add value and where we do not. We bring our own perspective on particular healthcare technologies and opportunities, but at the same time we expect these views to be challenged and informed by the technical and operating expertise of the teams we back. We bring far more to the table than just the dollars we invest, but we also trust our managers to build their organizations in their own mold.

We maintain a capital base more than sufficient to support our companies, yet not so large as to compel us to invest at an uncomfortable pace. We believe that our involvement can increase the success of our portfolio companies, and we limit our capital base to ensure we can pay attention to the needs of our companies. We value our bandwidth and think that our company managers do too.

Building companies is hard work. Capital markets reward and punish companies in the short run often without discernible logic. The best entrepreneurs derive their primary motivation through their passion for the pursuit and their commitment to their organization and people. Interim valuations, both positive and negative, should provide little distraction. We try to judge our own commitment by the same standard.

Long-Term Relationships
We have invested in several successful entrepreneurs more than once. Over the last several decades, we have worked with many other talented professionals whom we count as colleagues and friends. We value these long-term relationships, and believe they are the foundation of future successes.